Lado Okhotnikov about NFT Royalty by Meta Force

In my interview, I have detailed everything you need to know about NFT royalties before joining. I advise you to look.

  • We have relied on status NFTs that link different programs within the Meta Force. One might ask what is the high status of the token?
  • The most important is the program that offers to get the product and then sell it. The main focus is on successful sales with the help of the best tools, involving the entire community.
  • Members may sell products above their current level. For successful sales, Energy tokens are awarded, which play an important role in NFT pumping.
  • The main source of income is based on the turnover of sales and the receipt of Energy tokens, which are used for pumping.
  • The campaign will offer unique and sought-after tools with constant demand. This is what will contribute to the increase in turnover and stable interest from consumers.
  • I consider it necessary to note that all participants have equal opportunities, and there is no need to rush to activate the levels, since the program is designed for long-term work. NFTs received at the beginning will have a minimum energy level, which will increase with Energy tokens received through participation in various programs.

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