Digital Dictatorship – Lado Okhotnikov Explains Why Blockchain Is Doomed

The security and validation of data makes the blockchain indispensable. Impossibility of change of the data gives huge prospects. Forgery of voting results, manipulation of analyzes and forgery of documents will become impossible.

Despite such optimistic expectations, many are still cautious and in no hurry to transform the existing system. Perhaps the fear of becoming unnecessary and fears of the disappearance of corruption are one of the reasons?

Blockchain can crush autocracy. The technology is the power of change, it offers decentralized and counterfeit-proof solutions,” Lado Okhotnikov, founder of the Meta Force Metaverse.

Unlike traditional databases, the blockchain runs on a distributed ledger where transactions are recorded in a “log” that is available to anyone at any time. That is, anyone without anyone’s consent can independently check the results and verify the reliability of the data. And for this, he does not need a “heavy” bureaucratic system with a bunch of certificates and permits.