Lado Okhotnikov: Bitcoin Is a New Gold Standard or What Its Danger Is About

Hello, friends.

Do you know the difference between Bitcoin and the traditional gold standard? An intriguing comparison?

Then I recommend reading this article. It explores the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and their limited supply, making them an attractive hedge against inflation, the risks, price volatility, regulatory uncertainty, and environmental concerns associated with cryptocurrency mining. These are all serious problems Bitcoin must overcome to secure its status.

I also talked about our plans for the near future. It is critical that providers have a common position in the strategy for developing a common Metaverse. This ensures that we are not locked in our own world. Yes, at first, there will be separate pools, but then there will definitely be cooperation.

I see the future in virtual reality technologies. The digital revolution has already opened doors; it’s time to act. To get started, check out the announcement of the upcoming event from the Meta Force team. It will revolutionize the way you think about the new digital world.