Lado Okhotnikov

Explore Lado Okhotnikov's insights on Meta Force's evolution from metaverse beta to decentralized exchange plans — Learn about Meta Force's proactive stance against fraud and its mission to revolutionize virtual economies while ensuring secure transactions with Forcecoin.

The positive experience of decentralization is seen through the fair distribution of Forcecoin, where, unlike traditional issuance methods, when part of the coins is purchased by investors and the development team, and the rest goes on sale, Forcecoin tokens are distributed among users.

Lado Okhotnikov notes that Forcecoin aims to become the most decentralized cryptocurrency in terms of distribution. The Meta Force project has inspired millions of people with the philosophy of libertarianism and is already bringing closer to a future where financial assets will belong to the people.

Meta Force not only demonstrated an alternative approach to financial management. Read more in the оriginal articleе, where Lado Okhotnikov told what will happen after the token is listed on exchanges.

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