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We know various weaknesses of the contemporary finance system. Those weaknesses were the reason for the emergence of cryptocurrencies.


The opposition between the SEC and the crypto community has acquired a personal dimension. Memocoins with mocking names have been put on the market. How do you like "Fuck Gary"?


We had a chance to talk with legendary Lado Okhotnikov. It’s a story of a man who has gone from poor boy to creator of the Metaverse and symbol of the crypto community.


Capacity of existing cryptocurrencies infrastructure allows to use it for regular payments. However, there are still strong political and administrative limitations.


The natural reaction of any crypto enthusiast is: "What?! What regulation?! Forget it!” However, reasonable arguments sound in the rhetoric of state representatives: "We are good guys!


Currently, US SEC is the irreconcilable opponent of the crypto business. Regulator demands in court that almost all cryptocurrencies are securities.

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