• Lado Okhotnikov

Lado Okhotnikov

About myself

Hello, friends. I am Lado Okhotnikov, Founder and CEO of Meta Force.

I believe in blockchain-based technologies, investments, and cryptocurrencies. My dreams and goals are an ongoing process. I reach certain milestones, and as time goes on, my goals grow. My most ambitious project is MetaForce, a Metaverse with a vast ecosystem connected to it.

Latest news

Meta Force is a promising project created by a team of techies and cryptocurrency fans. These guys decided to try their hand at GameFi in 2021.


There is a real boom for tap games or 'clickers' in the gaming industry right now.


Meta Force proudly announces a significant upgrade to its Force Marketplace. The latest major update focuses on enhancing the financial functionalities of the platform.


Recently, increasing attention has been paid to the issue of de-dollarization in the digital space, in particular in the metaverse.


Since its launch to date, Meta Force has united over 1.6 million users and active members have earned over 1.5 billion DAI.


Congressman Massie initiates the liquidation of the Federal Reserve System. Abolition is an extremely radical measure with unpredictable consequences for the entire financial system.

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