• Lado Okhotnikov

Lado Okhotnikov

About myself

Hello, friends. I am Lado Okhotnikov, Founder and CEO of Meta Force.

I believe in blockchain-based technologies, investments, and cryptocurrencies. My dreams and goals are an ongoing process. I reach certain milestones, and as time goes on, my goals grow. My most ambitious project is MetaForce, a Metaverse with a vast ecosystem connected to it.

Latest news

Fiat vs Crypto: Lado Okhotnikov about fraud of the fiat economy and the rise of cryptos


Meta Force is implementing motion capture (mo-cap) technology. It will be used to create realistic avatars in the metaverse.


Our Uniteverse program with multi-level access will expand the boundaries of digital reality.


Meta Force is not just a gaming platform. This is a place where every user can become a part of exciting adventures, as well as get comfortable in the world of virtual business.

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