First, I would like to formally introduce myself: I am Lado Okhotnikov, Founder and CEO of Meta Force.

Now, unfortunately, there are a lot of rumors going around my name, so I’d like to introduce you to my interview, where I’m very detailed about myself. I hope most of the rumors are put to rest.

Well, after a formal introduction, I would like to talk about my main project Meta Force.

It’s more than business to me. This is the realization of my beliefs and principles, so I am giving all my strength for Meta Force take a worthy place in the pyramid of crypto business.


I mentioned my principles. It is important to speak about them to understand the philosophy of Meta Force.

Freedom. I’m talking about real freedom. Everyone has the right to be self-sufficient and not to depend on circumstances, on the employer, on the State.

Justice. The world is full of injustice. We see deception, lies, violence. Satoshi Nakamoto’s ingenious invention provided a technical opportunity to restore justice. At one time there was a beautiful saying: «God created men strong and weak. Samuel Colt made them equal». These words can now be applied to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Openness. Relationships in both business and personal communication should be transparent. There is nothing worse than silence and understatement. 

Before the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, these principles were rather beautiful declarations. But now we can implement them using new technologies.

I’m considered a crypto enthusiast, and rightly so. Yes, I am a crypto enthusiast, and I do my best to promote the values of the crypto community and to counter attempts to take control of cryptocurrencies. We must keep our freedom.


So, let me introduce the Meta Force platform.

On the site you will find the most complete information about the platform, its functionality and your capabilities. 

I am often asked the question: is there an analogue for Meta Force? Answer: no, there is no analogue. Here we have absolutely new system, including ideology, and technical implementation.

Meta Force is a metauniverse, a new world that awaits you. We have gamified the interaction of platform and users. You’ll just be interested in coming in and spending time.

Meta Force is a platform for real earning. And here you have almost unlimited opportunities. 

The simplest option is to create your own world, build blocks and receive rewards. You can do mining, interact with other users, look for work… There are really many options, and on the site, we will tell you in detail about each.

It is very important to note: you can enter and withdraw funds without restrictions. Repeat: without restrictions. Meta Force is built on the principles of freedom, justice and openness.

In fact, I highly recommend you go to the Meta Force and check what it is. Our platform definitely will not leave you indifferent.

Meet me at the Meta Force!


Okhotnikov, Meta Force

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